XBOX: Microsoft eyes ‘audience of 100m’

Microsoft laid out an ambitious stall of products, service updates and new hardware at E3 today – all part of a drive to reach hundreds of millions of gamers.

According to Xbox boss Don Mattrick, the format-holder is looking beyond audiences of just 10s of millions, by merging all kinds of entertainment with interactive experiences.

As a 90 minute presentation that focused primarily on the Kinetic game camera came to a close, he reaffirmed that Microsoft thinks 2010 is ‘the biggest year for Xbox’.

He elaborated: "It’s the year that movies music and television all come together on Xbox 360 – it’s the year we introduce a whole new way for everyone to play with Kinect. Fun is a universal magnet that binds us together.

"We believe interactive entertainment is the best form of entertainment – it should be open and accessible to everyone. We are transforming our industry with 360, Xbox Live and Kinect."

And then he signaled the reach to new markets: "In the decade ahead we will reach beyond the tens of millions to the hundreds of millions and more.

"Today we take the first step in that journey. We are launching a whole new era of entertainment – a brand new era for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live."

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