Xbox One arrives in China with reportedly very strong numbers

Microsoft has finally released the Xbox One in China, and early reports are very positive.

Having delayed the launch at the last minute earlier this month, the machine has finally hit the potentially lucrative Chinese region – and a Microsoft statement on A9VG (spotted by NeoGaf) appears to claim that the machine has already shifted 100k units, which would be in line with the company’s expectations.

It’s not known whether this refers to units shipped or units sold.

The company adds that it is targeting 1m console sales in the region in its first year.

However, Kotaku reports that the machine’s fortunes in other Asian markets has been less favourable.

Game Focus reports that Xbox One sold fewer than 200 units at its big launch event at Seoul’s Times Square while one publisher is quoted as saying: We are already looking to reconsider Xbox One game releases in Korea and will likely ship lesser units on those that are confirmed for a release. If a title is multiplatform, it’s likely to have only PS4 release in Korea.

There is a common feeling that the Korean market is not big enough to sustain two consoles, so it’s better to support focus support on one console." PS4 launched in the region last December.

Meanwhile, Kotaku adds that the Xbox One appears to be tanking terribly in Japan”.

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