Xbox One pre-orders "trending ahead" of Xbox 360; PS4 also beating PS3 pre-launch performance

Microsoft has said that pre-orders for the Xbox One are trending ahead” of those enjoyed by the Xbox 360 at the same stage in its pre-release cycle.

Xbox One, which will launch this fall, has already seen impressive pre-order sales as consumers have signed up to be the first to receive the new system,” Microsoft said in its US June sales update.

"In fact, Xbox One pre-orders are trending ahead of Xbox 360 pre-orders during the same time period and have already sold out at most major US retailers.”

In addition, CVG reports that Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has said that early signs also suggest that PS4 and Xbox One are going to enjoy a stronger start on the market than both of their predecessors.

"Some retailers, not all of them, are saying pre-orders [are] two times than what they saw in the last generation launch," he claimed. "They’re getting more pre-orders than what they saw before."

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