Xbox One X price is ‘an obvious weakness’ – SuperData

Now that the dust has settled on Microsoft’s Xbox One X reveal, it seems analysts are still uncertain about

We’ve already heard IHS say it doesn’t expect the machine to reignite Xbox One sales in the Europe, but SuperData’s Joost van Dreunen goes a little further, telling MCV that the console’s price of $499 (or 449 in the UK) is an "obvious weakness" for Microsoft, and that it leaves the market ripe for Sony to "raise the stakes" by dropping the price of the PS4 Pro.

"With the announcement of its new console the Xbox X One, Microsoft is pursuing a two-pronged strategy: first it seeks to emphasis better performance by offering 4K and HDR game play," said van Dreunen.

"Showing off strong fan-favorites like AC: Origins, Metro: Exodus, and Bioware’s new Anthem really drove home the point that Microsoft is positioning itself as a go-to device for the insatiable gamer. The emphasis on post-apocalyptic shooter games, however, leaves me wondering if there’s a broader opportunity for content.

"Second, the investment in hardware capacity seeks to build a bridge between PC and console gaming, and Microsoft showed several key titles that allow for cross-platform multiplayer gaming. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was touted as ‘console launch exclusive’, which means that it may yet come to the PlayStation.

"Nevertheless, Microsoft is keenly aware of the indie development scene, showing 42 titles but few triple-As, and is proving itself willing to make some unexpected moves with the upcoming Better Together update for Minecraft that unites the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One with mobile and Windows 10 PC versions of the game.

"Finally, Microsoft’s strategy differs from Sony in that the latter arguably has a stronger emphasis on platform exclusive titles. The announcements around backwards compatibility were well-received, given that, according to Microsoft, 50 per cent of its audience had asked for it."

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