Xbox refunds $8,000 FIFA credit card bill

Microsoft has compensed the father of a 17-year-old who rackedup a bill of over $8,000 on FIFA.

The teenager spent a grand total of $8,206.43 on FIFA in-app purchases, as well as other Xbox services on his feather, Lance Perkins.

Perkins, who had given his son his credit card for emergencies, was initially told by his bank that there was nothing he could do unless he wanted to have his son charged with fraud. He also said that he was never allowing a games console in his house again.

And Microsoft told him in an email that the $8,206.43 chargewould stand.

The 17-year-old thought the huge amount was a one-off fee for the game.

But Microsoft has since relented, with the tech giant telling Perkins they would refund all the charges.

Let’s thank them for making that choice," Perkins told CBC News.

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