Xbox reveals Q4 marketing assault

Microsoft is bullish that it can face off threats from Wii and PS3 with its multi-million dollar marketing blitz this Q4.

The platform holder will focus its activity on the Xbox 360’s broader services, including on-demand HD movies, LastFM radio and Sky TV (promo pictured).

But these will be joined by large campaigns for Forza 3, Lips and a range of third party titles.

Our next wave of TV work will hit across Europe from October 2nd and we’re focusing on the music and movie propositions of Xbox 360, and uniquely for the UK, the new Sky TV service,” Neil Thompson, senior regional director for Northern Europe told MCV.

What we try to do is attract the mainstream onto the platform but, along with our third-parties, we’re also doing a lot around core titles.

So we’re in the fortunate – or perhaps unfortunate – position of trying to attract many varied different audiences.”

The activity will lead on TV, with 30, 20 and 10 second spots booked on digital and terrestrial television. This will then be joined by an extensive outdoor music programme called Xbox Reverb, which is set to run throughout Christmas and into 2010.

We are now starting our big, brand push into music,” added Xbox marketing manager Alex Weller.

Xbox Reverb is about connecting with music fans who can collaborate and co-create a series of gigs through social media and our Xbox 360 brand.”

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