Xsolla launches game investment platform

Video game commerce company Xsolla has announced the launch of the Xsolla Game Investment Platform.  

The Platform will offer developers another avenue to obtain funding to develop and launch their games, while still retaining control over their product. Investors can find developers and their projects on the Xsolla Game Investment Platform, rather than spending time seeking investment opportunities in the games market.

The Xsolla Game Investment Platform promises to connect investors directly with developers on projects already in development and in need of additional funding.

The terms of the investment opportunities will be revenue split-based, offering investors the potential to receive returns from the sales of games, rather than waiting for a liquidity event in the case of equity-based investments

The Xsolla Game Investment Platform is designed to achieve four key goals:

  • Simplify the fundraising process for independent developers and give them access to capital.
  • Introduce accredited investors to game projects selected by Xsolla’s experts.
  • Align the interests of independent game developers and accredited investors through a revenue split-structure. 
  • Give investors the opportunity to diversify capital and risk across multiple projects. 

“We’re very pleased to announce a new class of securities that earn a return from game revenues. Independent game developers have few ways of bringing their projects to life, and many investors have no easy way to filter and understand the opportunities in this ever-expanding segment of the gaming market,” said Chris Hewish, President of Xsolla. “Our expertise in video game monetization, combined with a large network of indie game developers, enables us to leverage our position to link developers with serious, accredited investors – and we can’t wait to see the next big game take off because of it.” 


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