Yogscast confirms revenue sharing agreement with Space Engineers dev

Video game YouTube network Yogscast has become one of the first to confirm it has entered into a revenue sharing agreement to promote Steam Early Access title Space Engineers.

It’s part of a new initiative called YogDiscovery that the network describes as a way of encouraging our creators to showcase fantastic indie games that they love so that everyone benefits”.

Explained a post on Reddit: Much like an affiliate link, our creators receive a small share of the revenue generated by the measurable increase in sales generated by their coverage. This will often run for a brief period of time after the video has gone live.

So for example if a game had an extra 10,000 sales in the week after their video, they would see a small percentage of those extra sales.”

The network argues that the idea will encourage greater risk taking by its broadcasters as they will no longer be slaves to high viewing numbers.

YogDiscovery allows them to partially negate the financial risk from playing games that aren’t guaranteed views and be more genuine about playing the games they want to play,” it added.

This also allows smaller companies – who lack the big marketing budgets that the larger publishers have – to reach larger audiences without any risk or loss of earnings.”

It insists, however, that it will only partner with games that its team genuinely enjoys playing.

The golden rule is that we only play games that we enjoy,” it insisted. At the end of the day, we can’t feign enthusiasm around a product or event that we don’t ourselves possess excitement for. People watch our videos because we’re having fun, and if a game isn’t fun, it’s immediately obvious to our audience, which defeats the point of everything we’re doing.

We are not journalists and we do not provide reviews or opinions on games. However we feel it’s worth clarifying that we wouldn’t ever give ‘positive opinions’ on a game in return for any form of remuneration.”

We love our audience and have always tried to be as transparent as possible in regards to paid placement in our videos. This obviously isn’t always the case across the rest of YouTube but we hope that YogDiscovery will go some way towards convincing others that there are better ways to act.”

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