You can hire people to play Pokemon Go for you

Pokemon Go is so good that you’d be willing to pay someone to play it for you, right? Oh no wait that’s mental.

But mental or not, this prospect is now a very firm reality.

Bidvine is a site that allows folk to advertise for jobs they need doing and for folk to pitch for the ‘contract’. The London based site has now announced that it is offering the first national Pokemon Go playing service”. It’s being pitched for time-poor folk (i.e. grown ups with jobs) who would like to return home to a flourishing and trained stable of pocket monsters.

As much as we may quip at the absurdity of it all, had we have known about this site we might have used it last week to see if we could pay someone to beat the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3 for us, so we should probably dismount this high horse of ours. Or should that be high Rapidash?

First Bowie. Then Wogan. Then Daniels, Corbett, Prince, Wood and Ali. Then Brexit. Then Iceland. Then the Tories fell apart. Then Labour. Now this. We’re not sure how much we can take of 2016.

Here’s the link should this absurdity be for you. How long’s this craze gonna last, do we think?

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