You can now watch Netflix in virtual reality

Netflix has launched an official app for Samsung’s Gear VR headset.

The TV and film streaming service is now available for users of the smartphone-powered virtual reality device, the consumer version of which was also detailed.

The app plonks viewers in a virtual cabin with a sofa and a screen-within-the-screen that displays the Netflix interface familiar to users of the service on PC and consoles.

The cursor is controlled by simply looking with the Gear VR. Users can select content to play by tapping the side of the Gear VR’s integrated touchpad.

The screen size can be adjusted, or locked into a ‘Travel Mode’ to avoid the screen shifting around for users sat on a moving plane or train.

Oculus, which co-developed the Gear VR, also announced the Oculus Video app, as well as teasing future support for live streaming service Twitch on the Gear VR – strongly hinting at its compatibility with the firm’s own Rift headset when it launches next year.

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