You’ll have to unplug PSVR if you want to use HDR with your PS4

With PSVR’s launch just days away Sony has revealed that you will be unable to use HDR features when PSVR is plugged in.

The new PSVRFAQ revealed that the processing box that is required for PSVR does not support HDR. This means that anyone wanting to use their PS4 with HDR will have to unplug the entire PSVR device before being able to do so.

This is because the processing box basically acts as a HDMI splitter. The HDMI from your PS4 will be fed into it and the box will split the signal to both the PSVR headset and the TV, allowing others to see what you are up to on the screen. As the box does not support HDR it won’t be able to send HDR images to the TV.

In order to use HDR with your PS4 you will have to plug the console directly into the TV, removing the PSVR box entirely.

The FAQ also revealed a few other interesting details, such as the fact that 3D audio will only work with wired headsets, regardless of which company makes them, and that Sony recommends turning off surround sound in your headset when using VR.

PSVR is set to launch on October 13th, and has secured both Resident Evil 7’s VR mode and Batman Arkham VR as timed exclusives.

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