YouTube and FACEIT team up for ECS season 4 final rewards

FACEIT and YouTube have partnered up to offer viewers the chance to win Loot Drops while watching livestreams on YouTube Gaming, starting with the Esports Championship Series season four finals.

These Loot Drops contain FACEIT Points rather than the more traditional CS:GO skins you might see watching events on Twitch, but these points can be redeemed for real-world prizes on the FACEIT website, and could see viewers snagging not just in-game items but also computer hardware, branded merchandise or even a car if they get lucky.

FACEIT will be handing out 15 million FACEIT Points during the ECS finals between December 15-17.

This is part of YouTube and FACEIT’s multi-year exclusive broadcast partnership for the ECS, which was signed in March 2017. The 1080p 60fps stream should have everything that viewers want, although it’s not yet known whether the addition of loot for viewers will boost viewing figures.

“ECS offers some of the most compelling competitions with the world’s top pro gamers, and with YouTube Gaming’s powerful platform, this community has even more tools to engage with these matches,” said Michele Attisani, Chief Business Officer and co-founder of FACEIT.

“The Loot Drop rewards, coupled with the FACEIT account login, gives ECS viewers more incentive to do what they already love to do, support their favorite teams.”

“Esports continues to lead in viewer innovation, demanding that platforms adapt to new and exciting ways to engage audiences,” added Ryan Wyatt, Global Head of Gaming Content at YouTube.

“We’re excited to work with FACEIT to add rich, content-specific features such as statistics, widgets and loot drops to reward and engage viewers. As we roll out even more cool features in the future, we look forward to hearing more from the community about what we can do to make spectator experiences even more robust."

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