YouTube app opens door to region-free gaming and possibly piracy on 3DS

A new piracy scare has hit Nintendo’s 3DS.

Wired reports that one hacker has discovered a way to use the console’s YouTube app to bypass the machine’s various restrictions, opening the door to a whole host of additional functionality not sanctioned by the platform holder.

Among these features is the ability to bypass the 3DS region lock, allowing gamers to run software purchased from any country in the world.

Most worryingly for Nintendo, however, is that the hack also allows for the running of homebrew software on the device. And the reality is that, despite protestations from the hacking community, where homebrew leads piracy often tends to follow.

In the immediate future efforts will likely focus its efforts on emulators, with a SNES emulator reportedly already operational.

The exploit has been confirmed as operational by Jordan Rabet, the man previously responsible for the 3DS’ infamous Cubic Ninja exploit. That eventually led to the game being yanked from Nintendo’s digital stores and prices for the physical version rocketing online.

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