YouTuber Angry Joe lashes out at Nintendo over video copyright claim

Another video games YouTuber has criticised Nintendo for its copyright claiming strategy.

‘Angry Joe’ Vargas revealed over the weekend that Nintendo had filed a claim over a Let’s Play video he made about Wii U title Mario Party 10.

This behaviour is in line with its Creators Program that allows YouTubers to make Nintendo videos provided they sign up to an ad revenue sharing agreement, but strikes down videos made by those who do not.

Good job Nintendo,” he said in a video, which you can see below. I hope Nintendo enjoyed the free ad revenue and positive coverage I generated for them because after this that’s the last Nintendo video I’ll do. It’s not enough that I went out and bought a $300 console, four Pro Controllers and $50-60 a piece, four $40 Wiimote controllers and four plus games, all worth around $900 so that we can have this play session and share it online with people.

What’s enough for Nintendo is also monetising every time you share your content with anyone else. They must have that money as well. That’s how greedy Nintendo Japan is. I’ve not seen this behaviour from any other modern web 3.0 company or gamer friendly company out there. It would be insane to see CD Projekt Red do this, to see Paradox do this, to see Blizzard do this. All these other companies that embrace Let’s Plays, embrace sharing content instead of restricting it and choking it and stamping it out unless they collect their cheque from it.”

Vargas, who has nearly 2m subscribers, is far from the only YouTuber to criticise Nintendo for its strategy. PewDiePie attacked the firm earlier this year, along with other names such as Jim Sterling and Zack Scott.

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