Zelda: Breath of the Wild to miss Switch launch, rumour claims

Nintendo Switch will launch without the help of popular adventurer Link.

That’s according to established Nintendo tipster Emily Rogers. She has heard that localisation work for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has gone on for longer than anticipated, with a current ETA of December.

However, once complete this would be followed by a period of testing, which would be expected to run for between four and six months. Bear in mind, too, that BotW is the largest game Nintendo has ever made.

All of which points to a summer 2017 release at the earliest, well after the Switch’s March debut. Eurogamer claims to have also heard the same rumours concerning a delay.

Rogers added that rumours also point to better performance from the Switch version of the game that the Wii U one, and that the adventure has a higher difficulty than preview builds have suggested.

MCV spoke to Emily a few times during the run-up to the NX reveal. Her information then was absolutely spot-on, tallying with and going beyond our own sources. Also boasting a solid track record is Laura Dale, who yesterday revealed that Switch will be priced at 199.99 and 249.99 in the UK.

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