Zelda: Spirit Tracks announced for DSi

The global president of Nintendo Saturo Iwata has headlined his keynote at GDC 09 by lifting the lid on a brand new Zelda game for the DSi entitled The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

"Nintendo is grateful all third parites have done to support our platforms – but we understand that we have the largest responsibility to satisfy long time Nintendo loyalists," president Satoru Iwata said upon his unveiling of the game.

"It will be available alter this year."

Also on the new software front was WarioWare Snap, another DSi-specific title that encompasses motion-detection and user pics in the experience, and Moving Memo, a piece of communication software that allows users to create animations and add sound effects.

And there was good news for Final Fantasy fans, with confirmation of both a sequel to Life as a King on WiiWare and a brand new Final Fantasy title for Nintendo’s Virtual Console.

All pre-keynote talk of possible announcements regarding the upcoming Mario and Zelda titles for Wii, and even the talk earlier today of a new console dubbed Wii Relax, ultimately proved incorrect.

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