Zelda Williams ‘doing something extra special’ at E3

Is Nintendo going to finally give us a ‘proper’ reveal of the new Legend of Zelda game on Wii U at E3 next month?

It’s impossible to say, but tweets from Zelda Williams – daughter of Robin Williams, who named her after Nintendo’s popular IP – point to something Zelda related in LA.

Who’s going to E3? I’ll be doing something extra special there. More details soon!” she wrote. I’m going to guarantee you, it’s not what you think…”

Zelda (and her father) were involved in the promotion of Wii title Skyward Sword and featured as part of Nintendo’s 25th anniversary celebrations for the franchise.

It should be noted that her favourite Zelda game to date is N64’s Majora’s Mask – which itself has been rumoured for some Wind Waker style HD remake treatment.

All the way back at E3 2011 Nintendo showcased a demo reel featuring an HD video of a modern looking Link fighting a monster. In 2013 it confirmed that Zelda was in development for Wii U, pencilling in this year’s E3 for a proper reveal.

The company also admitted that the game nearly featured as part of ots E3 2013 presentation.


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