Zenimax urges Elder Scrolls Online players to break the rules, name and shame gold spammers

Naming and shaming is normally prohibited on The Elder Scrolls Online’s boards. But rules are made to be broken.

Bethesda owner Zenimax has taken the unusual step of urging users to actively name and shame anyone who they suspect of trying to proliferate the growing black market for the game’s gold.

Private messages on the official boards have already been deactivated as the system was being used to try and sell the digital contraband.

We are aware that some forum users have received private messages from gold spammers. We can assure you we are working as quickly as possible to identify and remove these spammers from our forums,” a post read.

We request that anyone who has received a private message they believe to be from a gold spammer to post the sender’s username as a comment in this thread.

Please note that our Community Code of Conduct does prohibit naming and shaming. However, in an effort to expedite the process of identifying and banning the spammers’ accounts, we are making an exception for this situation.

We will investigate each alleged spammer account individually to avoid false reports.”

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