Zombie Driver zooms to retail

Specialist PC publisher Excalibur will release a boxed version of digital hit Zombie Driver.

The action title was nominated for Racing Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards last year. It was previously download-only and was originally released in 2009 by Exor. Now Excalibur is bringing it to the High Street on Friday, May 13th.

The firm is known for its line of PC sim games such as Farming Simulator 2011.

We consider the retail and online sectors as essentially separate groups of consumer, so we are bringing Zombie Driver to a new audience who are more comfortable with purchasing their product in the traditional boxed format,” Excalibur’s MD Robert Stallibrass told MCV.

The PC game is a top-down vehicle-based combat title which allows players to rescue civilians and mow down crowds of zombies.

Excalibur is promoting the game with an email campaign that it says will reach the desktops of over 240,000 gamers in the UK. The publisher will also be offering competitions for ‘I’m A Zombie Driver’ car stickers.

Stallibrass added: We strongly support retail, and therefore this version will not require Steam activation or any other online method. We want the player to be mowing down zombies rather than ever more complex online installations.”

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