Zushi: Xmas line-up is only the beginning

Zushi has announced a range of games that will break new ground for the publisher and drive its growth in 2010.

Over the next six months, the company will release a selection of brand new IPs, including Family Gameshow and Jigapix. Zushi will also break away from its traditional position as a Wii and DS publisher with its first release on Xbox 360, Stoked.

As with any new release that we launch, these titles mean a great deal to us,” marketing manager Chris Walton told MCV.

Everyone here and at our development partners invests a lot of time and effort into our products to ensure they are the best they can be.

Seeing them do well at retail and selling in line with our forecasts is hugely important to us. Success with these titles in Q4 will provide us with a strong platform from which to progress next year.”

Hopes are particularly high for Stoked, an open-world snowboarder that is already performing well in the US and a title Walton described as a significant step forward” for Zushi Games.

The release of Stoked on Xbox 360 will mark the start of a new era for Zushi,” he said. Microsoft’s console as a format is a leading software driver at the moment so being able to target this userbase has the potential to strengthen our position during 2010.”

Meanwhile, the company’s continued efforts on Nintendo platforms are also set to fare well at retail.

Family Gameshow builds on the success of family-focused multiplayer titles on Wii, following the formula of a quiz show, while Jigapix is the firm’s first IP that will use the DSi’s camera functionality, allowing users to create new puzzles.

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