Zynga loses two more execs; Gibeau chips in with Syrian analogy

The executive exodus has continued at Zynga.

Two more high-level faces have resigned from their roles at the casual games publisher – chief marketing and revenue officer Jeff Karp and infrastructure CTO Allan Leinwand.

These join a list of fellow evacuees that includes COO John Schappert, CCO Mike Verdu and vice presidents Bill Mooney and Brian Birtwistle.

The latest departures come as Zynga’s share price continues to struggle. The company closed at $2.82 last night.

Zynga began trading on December 16th at $9.50 a share. It peaked at $14.69 on March 2nd. It’s low point was on August 2nd when shares were trading at $2.70.

But forget all of that. This is The Summer of Frank. What does our favourite chatty exec have to say about all of this?

He told The LA Times: "Zynga’s about as stable as Syria right now."

Oh. That wasn’t what we were expecting. Is he allowed to say that?

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