£175 Neo Geo X handheld available now

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An innovative reinvention of cult platform the Neo Geo is now on sale.

The Neo Geo X Gold Limited Edition is available from Blaze for 175 in the UK. It costs $199 in the US, although some retailers – notably Amazon – are selling it for as much as $245.

For your money you get a handheld games console packaged in a Neo Geo console style housing that also acts as a charging station. It also has composite and HDMI outputs so it can hooked up to a TV or monitor and a Neo Geo X Arcade Stick.

20 AES games come pre-loaded on the system.

Potential buyers will be hoping that the device enjoys a smoother ride than Blaze's last handheld, the GameGadget, which shipped with crippling functionality flaws, attracted virtually no support for its content store and was eventually discounted to just 40.