2008 figures show big gains for Sony and Microsoft, too

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While the official figures from ELSPA/GFK Chart-Track point out that Nintendo led the way as part of last year's record-breaking 4bn market value, it's clear that both Sony and Microsoft formats made considerable gains as well.

According to the data today, The PlayStation 3's first full year of software sales (the console hit the UK in March 2007) meant that unit sales were up 145 per cent over 2007, doubling from 4.2m games sold to 10.4m.

The Sony format saw a 115 per cent rise in revenue sales, up to 334m in 2008 compared to 156m in 2007.

Microsoft also saw continued unit sales growth, with the number of games sold for the 360 up 51 per cent from 9.8m in 2007 to 14.9m in 2008.

In terms of revenue the format also grew 38 per cent, up 442m in 2008 compared to 320m in 2007.