2010 Kinect stock to run out this week

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The 2010 stock allocation for Kinect is just days away from running out, Microsoft has warned US consumers.

Speaking at a Web 2/0 Summit in the US, Microsoft's president of the Interactive Entertainment Business Don Mattrick said that anyone who wants a Kinect this Christmas has been advised by Microsoft to pre-order the device by the end of the week”.

TechCrunch reports that Mattrick asserted he was not just trying to spike early sales and in fact the product is in that much demand”.

In the UK, at least, stock remains tight though not impossible to track down. Many High Street stores are telling customers to pre-order the device now if they want a machine for Christmas, though many don't have free stock on the shelves.

And with supermarkets it's more of a case of chancing your arm, as availability tends to depend on luck.

Microsoft sold over 1m Kinect units in its first ten days on sale.