24/7 eSports channel incoming from streaming firm DingIt

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New live-streaming service DingIt says it will launch a 24/7 eSports streaming channel.

The Twitch rival launched in February of this year, and the firm says it has already grown its user base from 7,000 to over 100,000 in two months.

We have about 250,000 broadcasters on board and had about 60 eSports events in April,” boasted founder and CEO Mark Hain. We expect to double that in the next few months. We'll soon have a 24/7 eSports channel, which doesn't exist anywhere else currently.

Our focus is eSports events, with broadcasters being a secondary focus. We want to get to the point where we have a 24/7 channel of eSports content. That's how we'll differentiate ourselves.”

Hain adds that because DingIt uses proprietary technology it is a cheaper platform to run, and therefore gives more money to broadcasters.

Currently if you are on YouTube or Twitch, you can barely make a living unless you're very, very big,” he said. But all of intermediate broadcasters can live on what they make from the DingIt platform. A lot of broadcasters are coming to us because of that.”