250GB Movie PS3 this Xmas?

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Talk in the channel concerning the possibility of Sony unveiling a 250GB PS3 Slim SKU at this month's Tokyo Games Show is ramping up, with all signs pointing to an assortment of high-capacity bundles being readied for Christmas.

A leading entertainment retailer has backed up the rumours to MCV, adding that alongside the expected bundles which Sony is preparing to release alongside the likes of Uncharted 2 and EyePet, the platform holder is also planning a high-capacity ‘movie bundle'.

Included will be the rumoured 250GB PS3 Slim, Blu-ray remote control, Blu-ray movie and – possibly – Sony's PlayTV attachment which turns PS3 into a fully-functional Freeview TV recorder.

Furthermore, MCV's source has also been lead to believe that the current 120GB machine is likely to remain a bundle-less indefinitely, with the higher trade margin used to encourage retailers to concoct bundles of their own.

When contacted by MCV, a Sony spokesperson said that it does not comment on rumour and speculation.