2K brand to make driving genre debut

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Take-Two's 2K label is make its debut foray into the driving genre.

Lucid Games, which is staffed by former Bizarre Creations devs, is working on 2K Drive that is due for release on iOS some time this autumn.

It's described by the developers as a premium iOS title”.

Polygon reports that the game will feature licensed vehicles from Dodge, Fiat, Ford, GM, Icon, Local Motors, Mazda, McLaren, Nissan and So-Cal as well as a range of original, unlicensed cars.

The game will span several iconic locations” and offer an assortment of modes including off-road, drag racing and standard track racing. There's also a RaceFace feature that somehow lets players see their mates behind the wheel when in multiplayer.

The game will also allow users to share content from driving news sources such as AutoBlog, Car & Driver, Road & Track and Between The White Lines.