2K's Evolve in development at Left 4 Dead studio Turtle Rock

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Former THQ property Evolve has been freshly unveiled as a co-op shooter published by 2K Games, and in development at Left 4 Dead studio Turtle Rock.

Game Informer unveiled the game in its latest cover story, revealing it's currently being developed for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

2K purchased the rights to the IP in auction for $10.9m in 2012, following THQ's demise during the same year. The publisher actually outbid Turtle Rock—which had offered a bid of $250,000 to independently obtain the property.

Evolve's gameplay will revolve around a four-versus-one Hunt mode, where four teammates face off against a fifth player in control of a powerful alien that grows stronger as a match progresses. According to the piece, environments are to play a big role and the game will carry some unspecified kind of single-player mode as well.