32% of PS3 owners considering Vita purchase

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A third of UK PS3 owners are seriously considering” purchasing a PlayStation Vita, a new survey has shown.

The study from Playr2.com also found that of that 32 per cent, half either currently own or have previously owned a PSP. 22 per cent intent to buy a Vita within a week of its UK launch tomorrow.

Of those who intend to buy, 62 per cent said they are doing so because they want a powerful handheld console”. Six per cent will sell an existing console to fund the purchase.

"Sony's promotional machine has gone into overdrive with the launch this week of the new Vita console, and it seems that it's certainly drummed up excitement amongst UK gamers,” Playr2.com founder Simon Kilby stated.

"We really wanted to look into how current PlayStation owners felt about the new launch and if they intended to buy, and to see that as many as a third of current PlayStation owners intend to purchase a console pays testament to the buzz the launch has created amongst the gaming community.”