3D eSports livestreaming platform raises $3.5m

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Boom.TV has attracted investment totally $3.5m to launch a livestreaming platform that allows users to view eSports action from any angle they choose.

VentureBeat reports that the tech streams a 3D construction of the game in real time. Viewers can then watch the action from whatever angle they choose. It's designed to work across PC or mobile and support for VR – which seems like the obvious fit – is in development.

It all works by capturing the 3D data before it is rendered for a 2D screen. Developer's aren't required to do any additional coding, either, and streamers are able to use it to create 3D post-match highlight reels.

Counter-Strike GO and League of Legends are already supported.

We want to revolutionize the way eSports are viewed and experienced,” Boom.TV CEO Sumit Gupta said.

First Round Capital's Chris Fralic added: Their team of 30 engineers have both the passion and know-how to build an end-to-end solution that will completely enhance the eSports spectator experience, particularly in VR.”