3DS firmware update goes live

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Nintendo has released the newest firmware for 3DS, which adds new StreetPass content, DLC support and 3D video recording.

3DS owners can now download the system update via their handheld and make short 3D videos. There are even options to produce time lapse footage or stop motion videos.

Publishers will now be able to make demo versions of their game available via the eShop, while consumers will be able to set their handheld to download additional content in Sleep Mode.

The popular StreetPass Plaza games have been expanded, with new puzzles to solve and new rewards available in the Quest mode. There is also a map collecting challenge, where players unlock a map piece every time they meet another 3DS user in a different region or country.

Nintendo has also added the Achievement-like Accomplishments and the ability to transfer save data, eShop purchases and other content between 3DS units if gamers pick up a new version.