3DS gets budget titles

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The Nintendo 3DS will get its first 19.99 RRP boxed game this summer.

And publishers say titles with ‘satisfying, attractive price-points' is just what the handheld needs.

The first is Boulderdash-XL 3D – a 3DS version of the puzzler's XBLA revamp. This 19.99 release is due in June, courtesy of publisher Reef Entertainment and distributed by Creative.

Reef's Wii ‘family FPS' Real Heroes: Fire Fighter 3D is due in September priced at 24.99, followed by Alien Chaos 3D later in the year.

Ubisoft is also releasing a budget range of five titles priced at 24.99 each: Fantasy Petz, Funky Barn, Imagine Babies, Imagine Horsez and Monster 4x4.

We noticed strong catalogue sales of several launch titles on 3DS once they had hit a certain price-point – these titles became the stalwarts of the chart, your Raymans and your Rabbids,” Reef's general manager Will Curley told MCV.

We thought we could spice up this space with some new, quality games that give full value in terms of gameplay longevity.

What seems to be selling on the 3DS so far are colourful, character-led action games. This deviates from the staple puzzlers that people associate with the App Store.”