60% of UK 360s have failed

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Around 60 per cent of UK Xbox 360 owners have lost their console to technical problems, such as the infamous Red Ring Of Death.

That's according to a CNET UK online user-initiated survey of 1,128 UK-based console owners. 562 of participants owned a Xbox 360, 473 had a PS3 and 591 possessed a Wii.

Microsoft's console had the highest number of reports of hardware failures, compared to 16 per cent of PS3 owners and 6 per cent of Wii gamers.

The survey also revealed the majority of 360 failures occur within a year of purchase, with 47 per cent of participants watching their console die within the first 12 months of use.

The extended warranty offer proved to be the most popular solution with 72 per cent of voters claiming to have sent their machines back to Microsoft, while15 per cent attempted to repair it independently.