94% of Brits would sooner do without sex than their mobiles

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A stonking 94 per cent of young UK adults have admitted that they would rather live without sex for a week than spend seven days away from their mobile phone, according to a new poll from MobileInsurance.co.uk.

The survey polled 2,571 UK adults aged between 18 and 30; all of which were mobile phone owners and in a relationship.

When asked to describe how they value their mobile phones, 65 per cent confessed that they ‘couldn't live without it', while 22 per cent said that they were ‘very dependent' on their handset.

Meanwhile, ten per cent claimed that they could ‘take or leave' their mobile, while one per cent said that they needed it ‘just occasionally'. Two per cent stated that they could ‘easily live without it'.

MCV's sister site ME has the full survey results.

Image source:pauker.be