Accessories Update: Gioteck LP-01 headset and Roccat Taito Control mousepad

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MCV takes a look at the best accessories heading to UK retail. This week, Gioteck talks up its latest headset and Roccat takes control with a new mousepad

Gioteck LP-01 headset

For players looking for a more compact alternative to an over-ear headset, Gioteck is offering its latest single-ear Bluetooth chat product.

The LP-01 boasts improved sound acoustics for audio output, coupled with a noise-isolating microphone, which aims to eliminate unwanted background noise so that the player's voice can be heard more clearly.

Targeted at PS4 users, the LP-01 connects via Bluetooth. This means it can also link up with a PS3 console, smartphone, tablet or another Bluetooth-equipped device.

Built into the side of the headset are on-ear controls, allowing the wearer to turn the device on and off, answer and end phone calls, mute the sound, and turn the volume up and down with ease.

Reversible ear hooks mean that the LP-01 can be worn comfortably on either ear.

A power status light is integrated into the peripheral's design, which is available in black, blue and red colour schemes.

RRP: From 29.99

Release Date: August

Distributor: Gioteck


Roccat Taito Control Mousepad

Buying a specialised gaming mouse for playing on PC is of little point without a mousepad to match.

The Control is the latest cloth mousepad to be added to Roccat's Taito range of gaming surfaces. It's based upon the original Taito mat, but has been redesigned to boost precision while playing.

The mid-sized pad measures 400x320mm, a size that Roccat claims makes usage more comfortable for PC gamers. The surface is 3mm thick and edged with a stitched border, which aims to work alongside the stress-tested cloth of the main mat to ensure that it can handle the long and hard use of enthusiastic players.

Glide and control are two sought-after factors that PC fans look at when deciding on a new mousepad.

The Control aims to balance the two key variables, boasting a smooth surface for maximum glide (meaning it doesn't slow the mouse down), augmented with what Roccat calls ‘enhance command', living up to its name and improving control and precision.

RRP: €19.99 (14)

Release Date: Out Now

Distributor: Meroncourt

Contact: 01462 680 060