Activision corrects Xbox Live user number error

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Publisher Activision has had to correct one of the stats it released following the huge success of Modern warfare 3.

The company had claimed that the game set a new concurrent Xbox Live user record of 3.3m gamers.But in actual fact the 3.3m figure referred to the total number of gamers who played the game online in a single day.

It's still a new record, incidentally, beating the 2.6m record held by predecessor Call of Duty: Black Ops.

And lest we forget the list of stats that Activision correctly released.

Modern Warfare set an all-time entertainment launch record, grossing over $775m worldwide. It has been confirmed as the best-selling game launch at each of the US' top five games retailers. Predecessor Black Ops sold $650m in its first five days and Modern Warfare 2 $550m.

To date the Call of Duty series has now amassed lifetime sales of $6bn worldwide.