Activision snaps up Kung-Fu Panda

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Activision will bring the game adaptation of Paramount's Kung-Fu Panda to console this summer.

The publisher's chief executive Bobby Kotick confirmed the signing in a presentation at the Goldman Sachs Technology Investment Symposium 2008 conference.

Kotick commented:

We're going to kick off the year with Kung Fu Panda, which looks fantastic. Going for the backhalf, we have a really rich slate of products that, some of which we've announced, others that we'll announce on our next conference call.”

Kung-Fu Panda, which is due for a cinematic release in June, is an animated film about a panda who uses his kung-fu ability to fight his enemies.

Directed by John Stevenson and Mark Osborne, it features the voices of Jack Black, Jackie Chan and Angelina Jolie.