Activision tops US November TV ads

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Over $94m was spent on television games advertising for the month of November in America.

This resulted in 32 gaming brands running 120 commercials on US TV.

Of this huge figure, Activision was the biggest contributor, taking up 19.5 per cent of total spend, as reported by Venture Beat.

This data is courtesy of ad analytics firm, who claims that the Call of Duty firm spent $18.6m across 11 different ad which ran 2,475 times in November. 90 per cent of this push was for new COD title, Black Ops III.

Meanwhile, Bethesda spent $14m on television advertising for its blockbuster RPG hit Fallout 4. The firm ran four different ads, which were played 779 times during November.

This accounted for 15 per cent of the US games industry's TV marketing spend for November.

Forming ten per cent of total spend was EA, whose Star Wars Battlefront was featured over 500 times in ads.

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