Activisions new gory racing game

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The BBFC has revealed a new violent racing game from Activision called Blood Drive, which it has granted a 15 certificate.

The only other details about the game come from a retail listing on Amazon, as spotted by CVG. Due for release in late October, the game apparently boast customisable cars carrying a range of weapons with which players must mow down hoards of zombies on the streets of a Las Vegas style city.

It's the entertainment sport for a twisted new age,” the retailer's blurb reads. Contestants in weaponised cars battle the undead and each other in an orgy of ultra violence.

Shaun of the Dead meets Mad Max in Death Race, set amongst the sinful and greedy fallout aftermath of a zombie-infested Vegas-like city. You have stepped into the bloodiest sports arena on the planet. Can you drive, shoot and mutilate your way to the top?”