Activision's Walking Dead 'more than just a shooter'

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Activision says its new Walking Dead shooter will mimic the feel of the TV show.

The firm promises the title offers more to fans than just a ‘run-and-gun shooter.'

It follows the success of rival tie-in The Walking Dead by Telltale games, based on the comics. The episodic point-and-click adventure has been a huge success shifting 8.5m downloads.

The Walking Dead is currently airing series three on Fox TV and has been a critical success,” said Activision senior brand manager Scott Wood.

With The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct we've tried to mimic the feel of the TV show – this is not a run-and-gun shooter.

Pre-orders spiked when the TV ads started back in February and we expect our strong marketing plans to continue to create demand through launch.”