Aliens: Colonial Marines to arrive in Q1 2009

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Sega has confirmed Aliens: Colonial Marines is still on course for a 2009 release, estimating the Gearbox shoot-‘em-up will arrive some time in Q1.

Concerns arose after lower than expected sales of the studio's previous title, Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway, sparking rumours that Sega would cut the funding on the project, according to

Sega's latest release schedule confirms the movie-licensed title is still due to be released and game is expected to arrive between April and June, as this represents the first quarter of the company's financial year.

The release schedule also gave estimated release dates for other key titles in Sega's line-up, with Wii FPS The Conduit due in Spring and espionage-based RPG Alpha Protocol launching across Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in Q1.