All signs point to Resident Evil 6 announcement tonight

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We won't know for sure until tomorrow, but its increasingly looking like the safe money is on Capcom choosing its Japanese Resident Evil 15th birthday celebration tonight as the venue for a very exciting announcement.

Andriasang is one of many sites claiming that Resident Evil 6 is all set for an announcement at the event.

Adding fuel to the fire, The Sixth Axis has cleverly found a concrete link between the obscure viral ad campaign ‘No Hope Left' and the publisher.

As well as this non-branded blog, poster ads for the ‘No Hope Left' campaign have appeared over London. And after a little investigation The Sixth Axis was able to get confirmation from ad agency Primesight that Capcom was the company behind them.

Andriasang adds that it also expects a brand new Resi SKU to be announced tomorrow – the Resident Evil HD Remaster Twin pack.

It will include Resident Evil 5 as well as the two HD Resi titles recently released digitally – Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica. The PS3 release is allegedly due out in Japan on March 15th with a price of 5,490 (46).