Amazon offering choice of PS4 bundles to replace Watch Dogs pre-orders

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Customers who have pre-ordered the PS4 Watch Dogs bundle with Amazon have the option of reverting to a solus console SKU.

That's one of many choices available to customers, who are according to Reddit now being contacted by Amazon in order to switch to an alternative bundle.

The options are as follows:

  • Bundle 1: Killzone Bundle (PS4+ Killzone + 1x DualShock 4) 384.99
  • Bundle 3: Action Pack (PS4+ Killzone + Battlefield 4 + 1x DualShock 4) 424.99
  • Bundle 4: Adrenalin Pack (PS4+ Killzone + Need For Speed: Rivals + 1x DualShock 4) 424.99
  • Bundle 5: Gamer Pack (PS4+ Killzone + 2x DualShock 4 + PS4 camera) 429.99
  • Bundle 6: FIFA Mega Pack (PS4+ Killzone + 2x DualShock 4 + PS4 camera + FIFA 14) 469.99
  • I'd like to keep my current pre-order for the PS4 console only

As you had opted in to the PlayStation 4 Watch Dogs bundle offer we wanted to let you know that Ubisoft has decided to delay the release of Watch Dogs until Spring 2014. As a result, the PlayStation 4 Watch Dogs bundle is no longer available,” the customer email reads.

If you'd like to select an alternative bundle offer, or if you would prefer to revert back to your original PlayStation 4 console pre-order, you can do so by visiting the following page where you can view details of the bundles and make your selection.

We'll need your new selection by October 23rd 2013, otherwise your order will revert to the original PlayStation 4 console offer.

If you'd opted in to multiple PlayStation 4 Watch Dog bundles, please complete the survey for each order number to ensure we have your choice all of your pre-orders. If you placed a single order for multiple PlayStation 4s and had opted in to multiple Watch Dog bundles, please enter the same order number for each selection.

Once we've received your selection, we'll take care of the rest. We'll be processing your selection in the order in which your original pre-order was received and your order will be updated prior to release date to reflect the bundle you've chosen. Your original estimated delivery dates will stand.

Please note this offer is only available to customers with an existing PlayStation 4 pre-order with, for a limited time only. All responses received through the form by October 23rd 2013, will be processed. If you do not respond by this date then your order will revert to the original PlayStation 4 console.”