Amazon to roll out monthly subscription option for Prime

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Online retail giant Amazon is planning on offering a monthly package for its popular Prime service.

At the moment, an Amazon Prime subscription can only be purchased annually, setting consumers back 79 in the UK. But a story from The Hollywood Reporter has says that Amazon is launching a monthly option.

The site says that the retailer is giving consumers two options – $10.99 a month for Amazon Prime or $8.99 for just the Prime Video service. The latter seems to be a direct competition to Netflix's monthly subscription option.

It's unclear whether this is going to be a purely US venture, or something that Amazon is going to roll out globally – MCV has reached out to Amazon UK for comment.

Amazon Prime gives consumers next day delivery and access to its Prime video streaming service.

This is the latest addition Amazon is making to its Prime service. In July 2015, the retailer offered US Prime subscribers discounts on games.

This was followed by American Prime members receiving a 20 per cent discount on new games releases and pre-orders.