Angry Birds Trilogy finally coming to consoles

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Rovio's mobile phenomenon will swoop into living rooms this Christmas as Angry Birds Trilogy arrives on Xbox 360, PS3 and 3DS.

The compilation includes Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and movie tie-in Angry Birds Rio, according to IGN. The trio have a combined sales count in the billions.

Angry Birds Trilogy was first teased by Activision at E3 and has now been formally announced as a Christmas release.

"Think of the game as the ultimate collector's edition," said Petri Jrvilehto, Rovio's EVP of Games.

"There are new cinematics, extras and other entertaining content. In addition all of the existing material has been uprezzed and re-treated for the high-resolution and big screen."

Each SKU will feature unique functionality, whether that's motion controls via Kinect or PlayStation Move, or StreetPass on 3DS.