Angry Birds Trilogy hitting Vita today... for £34.99

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Sony has admitted before that software pricing has been an issue for Vita, but today's release of Angry Birds Trilogy suggests that the problem is far from solved.

Rovio's release, which includes Angry Birds, Angry Birds: Seasons and Angry Birds: Rio arrives on PSN today. And it will cost 34.99.

On iOS Angry Birds costs 69p. Seasons costs 69p. Rio is free. That's 1.38 for almost the same content (note, of course, that the Vita versions do contain a few extras not found on smartphone).

Shell out a total of 3.45 and you can also throw in Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds: Star Wars and Angry Birds: Star Wars II as well.

If there were a counter-argument it would be this – how much did you pay for that iPhone? Another way of asking this is how much are you still paying for that iPhone? If you're on a current model, maybe 600? Compare that to the 150-200 you paid for your Vita and you're still in pocket.