Anticipation grows for debut E For All show

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E For All organiser IDG has announced a string of new exhibitors to its 70-strong list of companies already supporting the show, as well several new star-studded events.

Mary Dolaher, CEO of IDG World Expo told MCV of the growing anticipation for E for All, which is set take place from October 18th to the 21st at the enormous Los Angeles Convention Centre.

The momentum has been going very well, and in the last week we've announced several new exhibitors – including Intel and Hewlett Packard. We've also just announced the People's Choice voting programme, the gamer stages and the gamer lounge.

At the end of last week we also announced two celebrity LA basketball stars will be having a video game play-off live at the event.”

While big name publishers such as Nintendo, EA, Konami, THQ and many others have backed the show, for next year's and beyond IDG would like to see more participation from the games industry.

We'd love to have every publisher that was at E3, but on a launch year that's not necessarily going to happen. We're committed to producing this for 2008 and beyond.”



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