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Apple criticised for sexist engraving policy

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Apple's CEO Tim Cook has been hounded on Twitter after a consumer complained about the firm's ‘sexist' engraving rules.

Justyn Hintze wrotea blog postexplaining how Apple would not let her engrave the Alix Olson lyrics "I'll give myself a lube job, shake my broomstick til my clit throbs" on her new iPad as it contained "inappropriate language".

Hintze then tried again, replacing the word ‘clit' with ‘penis' and then ‘dick', both of which were accepted. She then tried ‘vagina' but this was also denied.

My hypothesis was correct: the reason I cannot use the word clit is because Apple is so entrenched with sexism and misogyny, and frankly, is terrified of women's bodies and women's pleasure,” reads Hintze's blog.

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