Apple offers iOS hack fix to devs

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Developers are now able to update their apps to prevent users exploiting the iOS loophole that granted users free access to in-app-purchases.

The Guardian reports that Apple has approached developers with news of the fix that has to be implemented via an app update.

Furthermore, once updated an app will be able to tell if content has been sourced illegitimately and wipe it from the device accordingly.

The consequence of this, of course, is that users who have been exploiting the bug are free to ignore the updates and continue downloading free content.

Apple says it will offer a permanent and unavoidable fix in its next version of iOS.

The hacker behind the exploit, Alexey Borodin, has confirmed that he has no way to bypass” Apple's updated APIs, but did hint that he may now turn his attention to OS X and what he believes is the still vulnerable Mac app store.