Apple 'pushing' for premium app pricing

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While Nintendo's most senior executives were publicly criticising the App Store for ‘weakening the value' of games, behind closed doors Apple may be advocating premium prices on its influential digital store.

According to UK studio Somethin' Else, Apple encouraged the group to raise the price of its award-winning iOS game Papa Sangre before release.Speaking on stage at Edinburgh Interactive, Somethin' Else managing director Steve Ackerman explained:

Obviously Apple doesn't promise anything in terms of promoting games, but before the release of Papa Sangre they said they were very interested in the game, and that they might promote it.

They asked us how much we were going to sell it for, and we said maybe 1.99. They said ‘you must be joking, this is a premium app, this is worth more than the price of coffee.'”

The game eventually went on sale for 3.99.

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